Saturday, April 18, 2009

Iceland - Day 4

We had a quiet day, which was probably a good thing after the unexpected adventures of yesterday. (Did I mention that narrow dirt road along the top ridge of a snow-capped mountain?) Today we kept it simple with catching up on laundry and cooking at the B & B. Katrece and I went grocery shopping this morning and were surprised that we had to wait for the doors to be unlocked because it wasn't quite 10. I'm glad it was Saturday because the store didn't open until noon the other days. Stores open late and close early here - by 6 or 7. That is certainly a different sales concept. But I also noticed that the store was bustling moments after it opened as customers swarmed in quickly, so perhaps the short hours work here. Americans have become accustomed to 24/7.

William finally heard from Marias this morning. William had tried to set up a meeting either yesterday or today to make the final plans fr our workshop. Marias emailed this meeting will be tomorrow afternoon followed immediately by the Lord's day worship. The workshop is supposed to start Monday with 2 teaching sessions each night, one joint and one for men & women separate, so we need more space than in Marias' living room. But the brethren have not yet told us yet where this will be. I hope there are no problems at this late date.

- Linda

PS. We had Skyr again for supper tonight, but an Icelander told us the best way to eat it was with sugar and milk. Much better!


Carolyn Everettsdottir said...

Linda, I am really enjoying your blog. I look forward to seeing

Linda Hill said...

When I saw your comment I very excitedly told Jimmie and Katrece sitting here with me, "Hey, look! I got a comment from an Icelander!" Then I took a second look and went "No wait! That's my sister!" :) It was great to hear from you. I wish I could post some pictures now but will probably have to wait until we return to Georgia. We only have Internet access through the guesthouse computer and can´t load anything on it.