Thursday, July 12, 2012

2 Weeks

I can't believe that Jasper is 2 weeks old today.  Jimmie has another 2 weeks on this round of chemo.  And in 2 weeks Jimmie starts packing for Africa, if he is cleared to go.  

Considering how much pain and sickness Jimmie was experiencing last fall it is amazing that he could even be considering a campaign this summer.  Especially one as rigorous as the one to Zambia.  There are campaigns that are fairly easy, even fun.  There are campaigns that are filled to exhaustion with work but you have a good bed to drop into every night with plenty of good food and fellowship to keep you going.  And then there are campaigns like the one to Zambia and spots like Siamafumba.  

Siamafumba isn't even a village, just a crossroads, but thousands walk there as a central meeting place to hear the gospel preached, share a community meal, and sleep on the ground.  Sleeping on the ground is what has kept me from joining Jimmie on these annual Africa trips.  Preaching to thousands in a grass-covered brush arbor is what inspires Jimmie to keep going back.  

Please pray that Jimmie will be able to continue mission campaigns of all kinds for many years to come.

- Linda

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