Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mississippi Scan

Today's To Do List was fairly simple:
  1. Clear my email.
  2. Assign the Internet BCC students to teachers.
  3. Finish editing a book for a friend.
  4. Call the oncologist's office to report if Jimmie had lost any further blood (he had not).
  5. Pick up a few things at the grocery store.
I had just checked down to #4 when the phone rang and it was the oncologist.  My first reaction was pleasant surprise that he would call personally to check on Jimmie, and he did.  But then he had news and I could tell from the change in Jimmie's expression that it was not something we wanted to hear.  

The doctor had gotten a copy of the tests done in the Mississippi ER two weeks ago and the cancer is growing again.  Jimmie's last regularly scheduled CT Scan had been on June 11th and we were still rejoicing because the cancer had shrunk.  But just 18 days later the Mississippi scan showed that the largest cancer nodule in his lungs had grown by 25%.  The doctor did not go into any details about the others - we'll see him Monday for a complete report - but just this info was enough of a shock. He also explained to Jimmie that he is changing the treatment protocol again immediately so next week Jimmie will begin 2 new cancer drugs plus have a change in the blood thinner.

It is amazing what can swirl around in your head when you get news like this.  Wondering what the other cancer spots have done, wondering how much more everything has grown in the 2 weeks since the Mississippi scan, wondering what new awful side effects Jimmie will have to deal with next, wondering . . .  . But two thoughts surfaced as prominent.  First, coughing that blood in Mississippi was a blessing in disguise.  Without it Jimmie probably would not have had another CT Scan scheduled until September.  And second, this probably closes any chance of the Africa campaign.

Please pray for Jimmie, especially this weekend.  It is going to be a tough one.

- Linda

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