Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Chemo #3

Yesterday was a notable day, a milestone of sorts, but not one I cared to celebrate so it whizzed by without a thought.  July 17 marked exactly 9 months since we were told that Jimmie has renal cancer, precisely 8 months since his right kidney was removed but all of the tumor wasn't, and just over 7 months since he has been dealing with the side effects of chemo.

I call it chemo because the doctor said all the drugs are really chemos, but what they are giving Jimmie is not technically classed as a chemo in the cancer treatment world.  They call it "targeted therapy" because these drugs are only supposed to target cancer cells to prohibit new growth, as opposed to the traditional chemos and radiation treatments which kill cells of all kinds.  Jimmie started his third variety of targeted therapy chemo on Monday.  The nurse called this one a "biologic" but how that is different I am not sure.  It is given by infusion so between labs, doctor consult and then the infusion we were at the doctor's office half a day on Monday.

Yet that was only half of the treatment, the compliment to the real cancer fighter Jimmie will be taking in a shot at home 3 times a week.  Or he will be if we can ever get the medicine.  He was supposed to start the first shot on Monday night so the doctor had called the drug store last Friday to order and have it ready for us.  But through some kind of glitch he called the wrong drug store (one we had used before but now no longer works with our insurance).  They did nothing until the tech in the infusion center started tracking it down on Monday afternoon.  THEN instead of this drug store simply turning the prescription over to our usual pharmacy as I requested, they insisted they would fill the order through their mail order service.  So on Monday they told the doctor's office the medicine will be delivered to our local pharmacy on Tuesday.  On Tuesday Jimmie was told by this drug store that the medicine will be delivered directly to our home on Wednesday.  Half an hour later I am told by the mail order company that this medicine will be delivered to his doctor's office on FRIDAY and I can pick it up there.

I was not happy.  Very not happy.  They put me on hold for about 10 minutes, which did not help, but came back to say that they would TRY to have the medicine to my doctor's office by WEDNESDAY.

This morning we got a call early from FedEx telling us that we would be getting a delivery this morning that must be signed for . . . so I'm assuming that is the medicine.  I just have no clue WHERE they are delivering it.

- Linda

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