Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Do you ever think we have become spoiled by modern life?  We want everything instant and easy.  I know I grumble when my clothes drier takes too long to dry a load  . . . and a microwave dinner that takes more than 6 minutes to cook?  That's just ridiculous!  We expect high-speed convenience in everything, from cars to computers, and turn to entertainment far more than is healthy.  Not that I'm knocking the modern conveniences.  I am thankful that they have made caring for a home and family easier.  But sometimes things that are important take effort.  I got a reminder of that in my email yesterday.

One of our IBTM online students was baptized this weekend.  I was thrilled with the news for that is always cause for rejoicing, but then I was amazed.  For this student lived in a remote area and the closest contact we found was 600 miles away.  But this student did not let that deter them.  They got on a train and traveled 600 miles to get their sins washed away in baptism.  I am so thankful this student realized the importance of that effort.  Fantastic!

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Kristen said...

Wow! that is encouraging!