Friday, October 19, 2012

Strange Mail

Yesterday's mail brought an unusual letter.  It was from our county's voter registration office telling me that since Jimmie is now deceased he is no longer a registered voter.  I assumed that was obvious, even to bureaucracy.   Then it made me wonder just how many dead folks will be voting in this upcoming election, and I was glad that our county pays attention to such things . . . even if it did make for some strange mail.

Speaking of strange mail, I got another one earlier this week from a company that owes Jimmie a small reimbursement.  I had finally written to them in September, identified myself as his widow, and included a copy of his death certificate.  Yet a letter now comes addressed directly to Jimmie requesting that he complete an affidavit of survivorship, have it notarized, and then tell them who to make the payment to. That's going to be a tad difficult.  Do people even read their mail or think about what they are saying?

And there are the strange phone calls.  I got one a few days ago from a guy with only a first name, on a phone that would not disclose it's number, but he claimed that he was from Mississippi and wanted to express his condolences on the loss of my husband.  Naturally, my first thought was that it was someone who knew Jimmie.  Then he immediately swung into a spiel, warning me that I'm in danger because my computer has spyware on it.  Apparently, he had not seen the memo about me having a brand new one with all the latest virus protection.  Then I got an eerily similar call the very next day from another first-name guy with the same warning.  I hung up on him, too.

Widowhood is certainly not for the faint of heart.

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Quilting Grannie said...

Linda, We were bombarded with phone calls beginning last summer from a foreign sounding guy saying we had big dollars waiting for us to go to Western Union to pick it up. At first we tried to wear them down, but that was not possible. Next we just quit answering the phone until the answering machine told us who it was. After a few months of not answering the calls slowed down. We are still getting them, but maybe only one every month or so. There is nothing you can do about them as they originate usually in Jamaica.
Just be careful, there are lots of money hungry people out there preying on widows.