Thursday, August 27, 2009

Zambia 2009 - #10

Jimmie surprised me with a call yesterday afternoon to let me know that everything was ready for them to depart today. He had already given the big, final test and was pleased that everyone in the classes passed - although there were a few that just squeaked by.

The first leg of their trip home is now completed -
Livingstone, Zambia to Johannesburg, South Africa.

It always seems to me like they are starting off in the wrong direction since they next fly up to London

. . . but there are no easy routes to get to Zambia.

He and Ron landed safely in Johannesburg this morning where they have a 7 hour layover before the London flight.
7 hours is a miserably long time to sit around an airport, even if this one does look very modern.

Please remember Jimmie and Ron in your prayers as they travel. They are scheduled to reach home tomorrow night - a very late night for Ron who has to fly on to Tennessee after reaching Atlanta.

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