Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Zambia 2009 - #6

Today is Jimmie's birthday - and I actually got to give him birthday greetings since he called before I or the sun were up this morning. I was pretty fuzzy at the crack of dawn even if it was time for the alarm to buzz, but I do recall that he gave me a couple tidbits of news:
  • Everything is going well except for the fact that Ron Gilbert broke his toe. Ouch!
  • So far they have purchased 19 bicycles and are looking for one more to buy.
  • They are driving to Matika on Friday to hold a 3-day Gospel meeting over the weekend. Jimmie did not know the distance in miles, but said due to the condition of the roads they expect the drive to take 5 - 6 hours. I could not find Matika on a Zambian map so it is defintely not a large town.

I also reported some good news to Jimmie. We have a new brother in Christ at New Hope Road. Alex, a young man from Ghana, had been visiting for a few months and I remember how surprised he was the first day when Jimmie spoke to him in Twi. Jimmie was very pleased to hear that Alex had obeyed the Gospel.

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