Monday, August 3, 2009

Zambia 2009 - #1

Jimmie is on his way!

With 3 large duffle bags, a large suitcase and a carryon - close to 250 pounds of baggage - it's a good thing our Taurus has a big trunk.

small airplanes at Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson ...Image via Wikipedia

We left the house this afternoon about 3 to make the hour trek to the airport before the evening rush hour started, stopped for a late lunch/early supper, and then I dropped Jimmie off at the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport on the south side of Atlanta. He met up with his campaign partner, Ron Gilbert, at the gate since Ron flew in from Nashville

By the time Jimmie reaches Livingstone, Zambia on Wednesday he will have been traveling for more than 40 hours.

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