Monday, August 17, 2009

Zambia 2009 - #7

Jimmie called early this morning. He admitted to being especially tired - and sounded it - but was also very pleased with the weekend overall. The roads to Misika (he changed the spelling he had told me earlier) were better than expected so the drive there only took 4 hours. And the Gospel meeting out in the bush apparently went quite well. There were 991 present representing 43 different congregations - and this was the "little" meeting! Of these:
  • 11 lost souls were baptized
  • 71 erring Christians were restored
  • 42 brethren asked for prayer

Jimmie had already taught classes this morning when he called, so I hope he was able to rest some before his next round of teaching tonight.

On the other hand, my weekend was quite different from Jimmie's. I got to spend some extra time with our grandson, Cole, and see his reaction to his very first amusement park.

He loved every minute of it!

From roller coasters this grandma declined to ride

to playing in the mists to cool the hot, August day - Cole had an absolute blast.

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