Monday, August 24, 2009

Zambia 2009 - #9

Jimmie tried to call me over the weekend and missed me, so I was very happy to talk to him this morning - even if it was before the sun came up. He gave me a quick report on the Gospel meeting at Siamafumba. As usual, it was very well attended with 1,950 people there representing 68 different congregations. Wow! I'm wondering how the guys could even talk loud enough to be heard by that many, but apparently they did looking at the responses:
  • 40 put on Christ in baptism
  • 205 were restored
  • 43 asked for prayers of the congregation

Jimmie continues to teach 3 hours each day at the school in Livingstone, but the big final test will be Wednesday. He'll have to grade it quickly because Thursday he starts the long trek home.

I asked Jimmie if anything interesting happened at Siamafumba and he immediately said there was a mouse story - but would wait until he gets back to tell me. Ugh. I may not want to hear this one.

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