Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Computer

Well, I did it.  I have needed a new computer for quite a while.  The director of IBTM told me months ago to order a new one but I kept trying to find a way to fix what ailed my old one so that I wouldn't have to.  Afterall, it worked pretty good for some things . . . but the things it didn't, well it wouldn't let me do those at all.  So, I finally accepted defeat and ordered a new Dell, a super-charged monster computer that should be able to handle anything a rapidly growing IBTM can throw at it for many years to come.  The FedEx guy brought it to my door on Tuesday in a huge, brown box.  And there it had been since because I simply did not have the time to make the switch.

Then today I was getting annoyed as my old computer coughed and sputtered and limped along in slow motion.  I suddenly thought to myself, "I'm trying to drive an old battered jalopy when I have a brand new Ferrari sitting behind me."  I had backedup my files more than a week ago and had been working from them rather than my harddrive to be sure nothing got missed.  Really, the only thing I had left to do was unclogging a very packed email box.  So I spent the next couple of hours clearing that so there would not be much to move, then powered down my old jalopy.

Wow!  This new Ferrari is very nice!  And f a s t !  This new big screen monitor is nothing to squint at either.  I'm pleased to say that the setup went super smooth as I loaded all my files into their new home.  Until I hit email. 

The directions I had read so carefully on how to transfer my email accounts and contact lists did not work at all.  I'll have to crank up the jalopy again to take note of the computer jargon those directions never mentioned I would need.   But not tonight.  Finally, I just setup my main Gmail account so that I could check for new messages since turning off the old computer . . . and that's when things spun out of control.  You see Gmail, sensing a new computer, thought I needed everything.  Literally, everything.  It dumped every email sent to me in the last 4 months - more than 4,000 of them!  I suppose I'm just lucky that it didn't go back further.

Now my email box is clogged worse than ever.  I just hope this new Ferrari has a fast DELETE button.

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