Saturday, May 7, 2011

South Pacific Campaign - Day #12

The steady rain of yesterday turned into a deluge during the night, then back into a sopping wet drizzle today with frequent showers coming heavier.  It's now Saturday so we were really hoping to see a bit of the area, but that wasn't happening today.  The wet skies were also not conducive to having a laundry day - but after almost two weeks of travel we were out of clothes so laundry was a MUST.  We soon had it hanging from every available rafter in the garage (our hosts have a washer but no dryer which seems the norm here) . . . but we had little hope of it drying anytime soon.  Laundry hung there before going to Palmerston was still damp.  So when Steve Blackman jump-started the van's battery this morning and got us mobile again, Ron & Carolyn bundled up all the clothes and went in search of a laundromat. 

Jimmie is now battling the same cold symptoms that I am trying to get over so a day of rest was in order for him since he is scheduled to preach again tonight.  We had evening tea with Glenn and Sue Piper and when she heard Jimmie coughing she brought out some herbal medicine that she said would do the trick.  Jimmie said it was a whole new level of "bad tasting"!  (I somehow managed to stay very quiet just then.)  But it cleared his throat almost instantly so he is still taking it.

I have not mentioned our hosts here in New Plymouth, Allan and Venna Fowell

We actually haven't seen them since leaving Hobart since Allan is now holding a Gospel meeting in Tasmania, but they graciously gave us use of their home and van so we have been very comfortable.  Until last night.  When we arrived in New Zealand we were warned that we did not have a key to one particular lock on the door.  Somehow that just happened to be the lock that got engaged when we left the house this evening.  What a sinking feeling to be standing out in the rain and wind and realize you are locked out.  After Jimmie and Ron finally gave up that they were not going to be able to find another way in we went in search of a telephone at one of the few stores still open.  Steve Blackman came to our rescue for the second time today.  Thank you, Steve!

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