Wednesday, May 4, 2011

South Pacific Campaign - Day #7

We were at the airport this morning at 5AM for our flight to Melbourne, so it was another long, weary day of travel.  The worst bit was in Auckland.  Our flight across the Tasman Sea had been a little late in arriving so by the time we had cleared customs and immigration we had less than 1 hour before our connection to New Plymouth.  We still had sufficient time, until the Air New Zealand transfer desk refused to take our checked baggage.  Apparently any time they have less than an hour to do their job, the job becomes yours so we had to cart ALL of our baggage to the domestic terminal and check in again there.  Standing outside waiting for a transfer bus was not fun since it was raining at the time.  But amazingly we made the flight since it had also been delayed, and we reached New Plymouth only a few minutes late.  A quick bite of supper provided by the sweet ladies of the congregation, and Carolyn and I were on to the evening ladies class.  I taught, but I'm afraid I was not at my best form.  I fought a sore throat all day and by the third airplane ride today my ears were so closed that I couldn't even hear myself speak this evening.  When we got back to our home for the evening I assigned the Internet students who had enrolled since I was last able to get online and headed to bed - a mere 23 hours after getting up this morning.

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