Tuesday, May 10, 2011

South Pacific Campaign - Day #14

Heavy rains woke us during the night so Mt. Taranaki made good on its promise.  This morning thick fog delayed flights out of New Plymouth, including our own for a little while.  But it also provided the largest, most amazing rainbow I had ever seen.  Juricz Blackman, who was driving us to the airport, asked if I had seen a round rainbow.  I had never even heard of a round rainbow.  She said those could be seen from the air so naturally I kept watch from my window seat.  Just before reaching Auckland I spotted one.  The sun reflecting off the airplane created a perfectly round rainbow on the clouds below us.  Very cool!

After a long, fairly uneventful Monday of airports and planes we arrived in Apia, Samoa . . . on Sunday night.  We are only 80 miles from our next destination but there are no connecting flights tonight so we cleared customs and boarded the shuttle bus into Apia.  The motel bed Jimmie had booked for us was a welcome sight.

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