Saturday, May 21, 2011

South Pacific Campaign - Day #22

Our short hop to Apia started about 8 AM this morning with the dreaded weighing of the suitcases.  Jimmie and I both squeaked by, but Carolyn and Ron had to do some quick reshuffling between their cases.  Then we STILL had to pay for excess baggage before we could board the tiny prop plane.  International flights are allowed 50 pounds per bag, but the inter-island commuter charges if they go over 40.  Bummer!

The skies were hazy today, but I was determined to take at a few photos from the air since my camera batteries had been dead when we arrived.

The Pago Internation Airport as we left the island.  It is actually located in Tafuna, but Pago is the name everyone seems to know when you mention Samoa.

The village of Iliili.  The English home where we stayed the last week is one of these.

We had a layover of several hours on the island of Upolu in the independent nation of Samoa. . . long enough to get boring but not enough to go anywhere since the town was so far away.  Most of the wait was spent standing in lines, but we did get a lunch of fish and chips and I resumed the shopping that was interrupted our last stop in Apia.  Fortunately to Jimmie's way of thinking, there wasn't much I cared to buy.  Finally our flight left Samoa at a little after 3 on Monday afternoon.  4 hours later we landed in Auckland, New Zealand where it was then Tuesday night.

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