Saturday, May 14, 2011

South Pacific Campaign - Day #16

This was our first day on this campaign that we were not either traveling or teaching, or both.  A little extra sleep at the English house was very welcome this morning!  But we still had a very full day.  Jimmie and Ron went with Omeka Malila, the preacher for the Leone congregation that we will be working with this coming week, to visit some brethren.  Us girls - Carolyn, Sharon & Cassie English, Debbie Pierce and me - took a drive to do a few errands and shopping.  It is amazing the things that are available on the island now that were completely unheard of when Jimmie and I lived here with our daughter, Julie.  Of course, that was 20 years ago but it still is surprising to me.  They even have a large warehouse store that is like Sams Club where you can buy in bulk.  

Besides preaching and conducting Gospel campaigns around the South Pacific, Randy English and Rocco Pierce work together operating a radio station here on Tutuila. KULA 95.1 FM broadcasts world news at the top of each hour, but the rest of the time is devoted to religious programs.  So Randy plans to record the lessons each evening of the Gospel meeting, but also soon had Ron started on recording additional sermons for the radio.  By this evening he was on the air.

Randy and Sharon had invited some of the brethren at the Leone congregation to a spaghetti dinner tonight.  Then we got word that Lomiga, Tala and children were leaving the island on a military flight bound for Hawaii.  (Since Seone was in the ROTC the Army has been working closely with the family to help them through this.)  Dinner was put on hold as we all headed to the airport to see them off.  So everyone was hungry by the time we got back, but it was well worth the wait.  When Omeka learned during this morning's visits that Jimmie was longing for palusami (Jimmie's favorite food - taro leaves filled with onions and coconut cream then baked in the underground oven) he went home and fired up the umu to make some.

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