Friday, November 11, 2011

At last!

The urology surgeon's office called yesterday afternoon to tell us that Jimmie's procedure will be Thursday November 17th.   But Jimmie has had so many "procedures" in the last 5 months that I had to verify, "Do you mean his surgery?"  Yes!  The wonderful office assistant who called had actually booked the operating room while waiting on an answer from the vascular surgeon so as soon as he approved she had everything done.  I think that smart assistant deserves a raise!

But we only got to savour the joyful optimism for about 18 hours.  This morning when Jimmie's oncologist  heard first-hand the struggle Jimmie has trying to breathe during these hiccup bouts he started talking about cancelling the surgery.  His fear was that the cancer that had spread to Jimmie's lungs had grown so much that it was causing the problem.  If it was then the operation would have to be scrubbed and chemo begun immediately. 

Amazingly, his secretary managed to schedule a CT scan at the hospital with only an hour's wait and we headed over there.  After the scan the technician said it usually took at least a day for the report to be sent to the doctor - so I'm thinking late Monday if we're lucky.  Jimmie was supposed to have pre-op on Monday morning so I begged him to put it through right away.  (The doctor's orders had specified an immediate response but he never looked at that.)  Thankfully the young man carried through on his promise to mark it STAT and we got a call this afternoon that the nodules in Jimmie's lungs were unchanged.  So the surgery is back on.  But I'm exhausted.

- Linda

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