Saturday, November 26, 2011


Jimmie is continuing to improve since we've been home.  His pain is still intense at times, but is diminishng.  His appetite that had become nonexistent before the surgery is now picking up.  And his color continues to be better so I hope that means his blood counts are still going up.  Jimmie is now anxious to get back to work in his office so naturally, his recovery is not rapid enough for him.  But I'm pleased to see steady progress.

A few days before the surgery one of his doctors voiced the fear that Jimmie would not be able to survive it.  He was that sick.  And with the tremendous blood loss Jimmie sustained during the surgery we could have easily lost him.  So I know that Jimmie is only improving today through God's grace and the glory goes to Him.  The power of prayer is truly awesome.

- Linda

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