Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Still Recovering

The big news so far this week is that Jimmie is now staple-free.  We went to the surgeon's office on Monday to get them out.  Unfortunately, the excursion completely wiped out Jimmie's energy reserves and he has yet to get any back.  I've encouraged him to rest more but he is so tired of being in bed.  Of course, having our grandson here this week may be another reason he prefers to spend the day closer to the family.  Watching a movie with Cole may not be as restful as a nap, but it is certainly a boost to his spirits.

Another boost recently was the news that we have a second grandchild on the way.  Congratulations Bronson and Julie!!!  Cole is excited about becoming a big brother, but quickly reminded them that he had put his order in early, "No sisters!"

- Linda

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