Monday, November 7, 2011


I remember when someone getting a case of the hiccups seemed hilarious, especially as they tried all of the old wives tale remedies, like drinking water upsidedown or breathing into a paper sack.  I've laughed at myself a few times, but this time it isn't quite so funny.  Jimmie has had hiccups continuously since last Thursday evening and considering how sore his midsection already was, these hiccups are beyond annoying.  We have tried every home remedy I could find - and there were a number on the Internet that I didn't know about.  Not even my surefire, never-failed-before remedy of a teaspoonful of sugar held in the mouth made any difference.  This morning I called the doctor who immediately called in a prescription.  (The nurse told me that hiccups are not uncommon with the location of this cancer.)  The hiccups persist, but Jimmie does think they have gotten a bit milder.  I hope additional doses of the medicine will calm them more because he definitely needs some sleep.

No word yet from the surgeons.  The urology surgeon said he would try to have something definitive for us by Wednesday.

- Linda

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