Sunday, November 20, 2011

S + 3

I'm just home to grab a shower and head back to the hospital.  The guest lounge there provides Internet access that allows me to keep up with assigning online students to their teachers and see my email, but won't allow me to write on this blog.  So, a quick update.

Jimmie was moved to a regular room on the surgical floor last night.  Yeah!  That means he is improving!  He also hoped that would mean he would get some sleep, but that is hard to come by anywhere in a hospital so he was disappointed.  I was disappointed by Jimmie's blood counts.  He got 2 additional units of blood on Friday and baffled us all because his blood counts stayed exactly the same.  This morning they had dropped significantly so he got 2 more units immediately.  That is really not the direction it is supposed to be going and the doctors can't figure out why.  Jimmie also continues to be in a lot of pain. 

Your prayers for his recovery are greatly appreciated.

- Linda

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