Friday, December 16, 2011

4 Weeks Post-Op

What do you get when there are 4 Hill boys in the house?  Lots of talking and laughter, of course.  Jimmie's 3 brothers - Bob, Jarrod & Eric - drove down from Tennessee yesterday to take care of some yard repairs for us, which was wonderful.  Jimmie was supposed to just be "supervising" but when I found him up on a ladder in the garage as he searched for something - I almost had a heart attack!  I'm afraid that he and I have different definitions of "taking it easy".  On the other hand, I'm thrilled that he had enough energy and zeal to be there.

Today was his second chemo and it went smoothly again . . . after they located some meds to infuse.  (Somehow his chemo didn't get ordered but they got a rush delivery from the hospital next door.) 

His blood work continues to look good.  Now the only portion that is not yet in the normal range is his hemoglobin.  But the thing that had his doctors smiling broadly again today was the fact that Jimmie had gained some weight.  Over the course of the last year or so Jimmie has lost 95 pounds.  The first half of that was by design, but the last 50 fell off rapidly due to the cancer.  So, Jimmie's reaction to gaining a couple of pounds?  "Uh-oh, I don't want to get fat again!"

- Linda

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