Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Yep, Jimmie definitely overdid it on Sunday.  For the first time in months he was able to attend both morning and evening worship - and he drove both times.  In between we enjoyed the noon congregational potluck, and Jimmie talked so much that we were one of the last to leave.  The transformation between Jimmie now and Jimmie before surgery is absolutely astounding!  Jimmie may still be frustrated with being weak and tiring easily but I am amazed at how quickly he has progressed after such major, invasive surgery.  We both thank our Lord daily for His grace and your prayers.

So, even though Jimmie overdid on Sunday and is still completely wiped-out energywise, it was worth it.  But now the order of the day is to get him rested and ready for his first chemo on Friday.

- Linda

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