Sunday, December 4, 2011


I can't believe this is the 200th post I've written on this blog!  I am so thankful that it is with encouraging news this time . . . cancer, surgery and the worry that comes with them can be downers.  But the trip to the oncologist yesterday was definitely a pick-me-up instead. 

First, Jimmie's doctor seemed geniunely thrilled to see the wonderful progress Jimmie has made since the surgery.  He literally beamed from ear to ear the whole visit.  He told Jimmie that he had actually been afraid to send him to surgery, afraid Jimmie would not get through it.  But Jimmie assured him that surgery had been the right choice this time - and the doctor very happily agreed.

Second, all of Jimmie's bloodwork Friday showed wonderful improvement, especially the hemoglobin that has been such a problem for so long.  Obviously, it was that huge tumor that was destroying Jimmie's red blood cells,

Last, chemo has been scheduled to begin next Friday.  This variety is not expected to make Jimmie sick, but the oncologist thought another week of healing would be a good thing before beginning the weekly infusions.  I know it feels like we just won, but that was only the first battle.  There is still a war to wage so Jimmie was pleased to have a starting date.

- Linda

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