Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chemo #1

Jimmie's first chemo treatment on Friday went smoothly, but he has felt quite a bit rougher since.  I suppose that is not unusual.  The doctor assured us that this particular chemo would not make Jimmie sick - although the Internet does list some typical side effects that Jimmie experienced this weekend.  But since it is not a poison he did not need to have a port installed and it should not cause him to loose any hair.  All good to hear. 

The down side is that this chemo can interfere with healing from the surgery and it is an ongoing, weekly infusion.  Worse, it will not kill the cancer cells.  Renal cancer is a tough one and does not respond to either the typical chemos or to radiation treatments.  So, this medication strives to prohibt any additional growth in the cancer, but in the process it sometimes shrinks it.

We are praying for better results than that and for the strength to accept whatever God's grace provides.

- Linda

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