Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

I felt like celebrating today for several reasons:
  • I heard a beautiful sound - Jimmie playing the guitar and singing.  It had been much too long since he had felt like picking it up, and longer still since he had enough breathe to sing along with it.  It is truly a blessing to see these signs of strength returning. 
  • Chemo #2 only made Jimmie feel lousy for 2 days this time - a definite improvement over the 6 days last time.  By Monday he was bouncing back.  I hope it will get easier on him each time.
  • I think I have finally dug out of the mountain of office work that piled up during the week I was at the hospital with Jimmie.  I managed to keep the student assignments current then but everything else just grew quietly.  Now if I could just catch up on housework and Christmas.
- Linda

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