Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas - Part 1

Jimmie's reaction to chemo #3 was shortened again - only about 36 hours this time.  Yeah!  Unfortunately, the side effects were delayed and didn't begin until the afternoon of Christmas Eve.  Boo!   There are some who might suspect that Jimmie's intense pain might have been caused more by his attitude toward Christmas than by the chemo.  Afterall, his favorite literary character has always been Ebenezer Scrooge - right up until Scrooge starts dancing on his bed.  Of course, I would never suggest that . . .

Actually, despite Jimmie's skyrocketing pain level we had a lovely Christmas.  The weekend was quiet - a roaring fire in the fireplace, a glass of eggnog and watching one of my favorite holiday movies "White Christmas".  The real festivities won't begin until Cole comes, so Christmas is on hold here until the middle of January.  Just as well . . . I haven't even finished wrapping all of the presents yet, but please, don't tell my sister that.

I had a lovely suprise on Sunday when a sweet friend mentioned that she really liked my article in the newest Christian Woman magazine.  My copy has not arrived yet so I had no idea it was there!  Now I'm anxious for the post office to get to delivering again.

- Linda

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