Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Birthday Trip

Brimming.  Chockablock.  Teeming.  Crammed.  I'm looking for a word to describe just how full of activity the past week has been, but having a hard time picking just one.

We got to Mississippi last Tuesday.  Wednesday and Thursday Julie and I tore her house apart then put it back together again.  Our primary goal was to reorganize her bedroom to make room for the birthing pool that will be needed in June, but we also packed and stored anything not currently essential to give her some extra space for baby stuff.  Jimmie lent a hand with more manly chores, such as household fix-it jobs and taking Cole fishing.   Friday was Cole's birthday but we were on the run from early to late getting ready for his party.  Saturday was party day with a nerf war in the yard that was a huge success.  Sunday was worship followed by a baby shower for Julie in the afternoon, then jumping in the truck to head toward home again.  A horrendous thunderstorm in Alabama had me stressed for a great portion of the drive, so I was very glad to stop for the night again outside of Birmingham.  The drive on through Atlanta yesterday was a breeze in comparison.

It felt good coming home knowing that we had accomplished everything that had been on our To Do List. And when I took a break it was at Julie's computer to keep up with assigning the Internet students who never pause for weekends, holidays or mini vacations, so the work also continued.  Catching up on the record keeping this week will be horrendous . . . but that's another story.

Cole created his own cake topper with Legos.

Julie's homemade Oreo cake with Cole's Star Wars creation - yum!

Prepare to be shot!  It's Nerf Wars!

Jimmie using his "tuning fork" before leading the Happy Birthday song.

Happy 6th Birthday, Cole!

- Linda

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