Friday, May 11, 2012


Does anyone know how to hire a Brink's truck?  I just made the monthly run to the drugstore for Jimmie's chemo pills and blood-thinner injections and once more felt very leery of walking out the door without an armored guard escort.  The two meds together in that little brown bag were valued at over $15,000!  Do prices get any crazier than that?  Unfortunately, probably so . . .

- Linda

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Quilting Grannie said...

Any meds are very expensive now. And I know chemo is really expensive. Of the meds we take, it seems some are going generic and the price is coming down on those. I am just in the middle of changing from the mail order pharmacy our supplemental insurance co. prefers to our local pharmacy. The mail order one getting slower and slower in filling our orders. With the local company, whom I have known the owners since I was in high school, is a little more expensive on most of our meds, but it feels so good to fax in our refills and then go pick them up and have a smiling face to greet me and take my money. I know I can call and talk to a pharmacist anytime I need to.