Monday, May 28, 2012

Round 2, Week 2

Well, we may have identified the new side effects for this round of chemo - heartburn and high blood pressure.  Both are on the common list for this drug and both showed up just a few days ago.  Jimmie had his monthly chat with the oncologist on Friday rather than the usual Monday since the doctor's office will be closed today for the holiday, and Jimmie's systolic reading was more than 40 points higher than usual.  We came home with a prescription to bring it down but don't know yet if we will need to fill it.  These side effects are often short-lived (one week Jimmie's platelet count had dropped to almost nothing, but the next blood work it was right back to normal), so we will have to get his BP checked a couple of times this week and see.

Of course, I still went to the drug store.  They know me by name now.  My search Friday was to find a heartburn fighter that wasn't made of calcium since Jimmie's level there was slightly elevated as well.  The doctor said "No" to Tums.  The pharmacist said what I needed was Rolaids, but they don't make them anymore.  I didn't know that. I checked the Internet and it seems that some lots showed up with metal shavings and wood chips in them so the company recalled the whole lot.  But that was some 18 months ago and they are still not back.  Luckily, I found a liquid that should work.

I have sad news to pass along.  A couple of weeks ago I asked for prayers for two other families who are going through the cancer ordeal as well.  This weekend Steve Richards (in Georgia) and Kuin Tattersall (in Australia) both passed into the next world.  Please remember the families of these two Christian friends as they go through this difficult time.

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