Tuesday, May 1, 2012

End of Round #1

If I knew how to ring a boxing bell on here I would.  Jimmie takes his last pill of this first round of Sutent this morning and he is definitely looking forward to the break.  The oncologist yesterday confirmed that Jimmie should get some relief from the side effects in the next two weeks without the harsh drug.  I hope that relief happens quickly because we are on our way to Mississippi to help our grandson, Cole, celebrate his 6th birthday.

Travel - we used to love it.  Now it is torture for Jimmie and we are not exactly sure why.  The oncologist has reminded Jimmie several times that all of his innards were shifted around quite a bit during surgery.  Jimmie just jokes that he was like the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz.  "Part of me was over here, and part of me was over there!"  Since the team of surgeons went in from the front with a long incision from his diaphram to below his belly button they had to literally scoop out all of his intestines and other organs in order to get to his kidney in the back.  Jimmie still has a few problems because his guts did not appreciate being manhandled, so perhaps they are the reason being joustled in the car is so painful.  I wish Jimmie could just take a pill and sleep the whole journey - ah, not while driving, of course - but nothing seems to knock him out anymore.  So we chopped this trip into chunks, going only halfway yesterday afternoon after leaving the doctor's office.  Now it's straight ahead to Cole . . . and Bronson & Julie, of course.

- Linda

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