Thursday, May 17, 2012

Round #2

Jimmie began his second 4-week round of the new chemo today.  The relief from the side effects that the doctor assured Jimmie he would get during these past two weeks without the drug never arrived, so we aren't really sure what to expect now.  I just hope that all of the thrilling byproducts of this chemo that are going to appear have already appeared and we won't get any more nasty surprises.  Please keep Jimmie and me in your prayers.

A few weeks ago Jimmie said that it really would not have mattered which one of us got this deadly disease . . . the devastation is the same.  I certainly concur. It feels like we both have this cancer.  But we are not the only ones paddling this boat  So while you are saying one for us, please add a plea for some friends who are going through the same ordeal - Steve & Becky Richards here in Georgia, and Glen & Kuin Tattersall in Australia.

- Linda

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