Saturday, May 19, 2012

Chit Chat

I can't believe that Julie is now officially 35 weeks.  I also can't believe that I said "weeks".  When I grew up pregnant ladies reported their progress in "months".  Hearing "I'm 3 months" or "I'm 8 months" was a whole lot simpler than the current "I'm 13 weeks" or "I'm 29 weeks".  When did this happen?  I always have to mentally convert and sometimes lately my mind just isn't up to the math.  But we are very excited and looking forward to meeting our second grandchild in June.

No, we don't yet know if Cole is getting a brother or a sister, although Cole continues to declare that it had better be a brother.  Cole actually got to see his sibling on the ultrasound monitor this week and was very excited.  He also offered to keep it a secret if the technician would just whisper to him which it was - boy or girl - but no one believed that for a instant.  Bronson and Julie decided early on that they preferred for the baby's sex to be a surprise, so the suspense is building.  It is also making shopping for this grandchild a tad more difficult.  Finding gender-neutral newborn items is a lot harder than it used to be.

Jimmie had a difficult week after we returned from Mississippi but is finally feeling better.  I have been extra busy juggling projects in addition to the usual work I do with the Internet teachers and students.  I managed to upload about 15 new Gospel tracts to our website finishing off all those I had in electronic form already.  The remaining 11 that I have permission to use will have to be typed from scratch.  Then I have to go back and format a printable version for more tracts than I want to count. Just this week I started refinishing a chest of drawers for Cole.  And sometime before we head to Mississippi once more in June I really have to finish at least another couple of chapters of the book Cole and I are writing together . . . before he adds more characters again.

- Linda

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